Just Sayin’: Mubarak is Back

What's that? The sound of freedom....Doing time like a boss.After rising from the dead and roughly six years in prison (well, a hospital under constant guard), Egypt’s former President (a Military Dictator and pseudo-President ago), octogenarian Hosni Mubarak is finally slated to be released from prison.

Talk about the comeback kid.

This week, Prosecutor Ibrahim Saleh accepted a petition from Mubarak’s lawyer to call his sentence for embezzling State-funds as time served.What took him out, could take him back in.

While essentially Mubarak’s conviction for dipping into State-funds prohibits him under Egyptian law from another go at Dictator-For-Life, never underestimate the power of a good Twitter campaign.

Just sayin’. 

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  • Guest (Anna)

    Mubarak has the luck of the Irish.

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