Spring Water

Pink water.Lisa Frank dreams.In what Big Government praisers might try to pass off as an early April Fool’s Day prank, residents of Onoway, Canada woke up last week to find their tap water was ready for Spring.

The water was pink.


No, the culprit wasn’t a herd of unicorns relieving themselves in the town’s reservoir, but instead the pink hue was put down to a valve malfunction at the water treatment plant, which released high levels of potassium permanganate through the water distribution lines.In case you’ve decided that for the rest of your life you’d prefer your water to be pink, you can always go to Western Australia’s Hilier Lake, which is pink due to Halobacteria and Dunaliella salina.

Mayor Dale Krasnow assured his constituents that the pink water didn’t pose any health risks, but admitted that a heads up might have been nice, claiming that his Administration, “Could have done a better job communicating what was going on.”

The water has since returned back to its normal shade. 

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  • Guest (Vallati)

    I think I would worry that my house was possessed if I had hot pink coming out of the taps.

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  • Guest (Norma)

    I was surprised while reading this news.Administration will give this incident as a case study to the custom research papers writing to the experts in the field of water treatment. I think the employees in the department of water treatment should take care.

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  • Guest (Anna)

    I got very excited to know about spring water. I have seen the photo of it which you have uploaded here. But why this water is in pink color?I would like to know about it. Hope you will provide this information as soon as possible. small manufactured homes

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  • Guest (Anna)

    I like the pink water. Maybe if water were pink I'd drink more of it.

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  • Guest (paxton)

    It seems to be very interesting at a time exciting. This is the first time I am reading an article about spring water. But I didn’t understand why it is in pink color. If possible include some more details.die cast light fixtures

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